how to buy

Contact us

When you wish to purchase an item from our vintage collection, or if you want some extra information just send us a message via our contact page or via the contact form below the product you are interested in. If you use the contact form please mention the product name so we know what item you are interested in.

Shipping quotes

If you are interested in an item just let us know. One of the things we need to do for you is get shipping quotes. Most of our items are too large to send via regular parcel services, so they need to be shipped with one of our shipping partners.
We work with a couple of selected shipping companies and we ship worldwide.
The shipping costs depend on the size and weight of the item you have bought, we get shipping quotes from our shippers and provide you with the necessary information concerning the price, for shipping, packaging, insurance and other additional costs.
In order to get a correct shipping quote we would need your address details, city, postal code and country would be all we need.

For some smaller items such as some lamps we already now the shipping costs, they are mentioned in the information on the product page.


If you want to go a head and buy the item you are after we send an invoice with the payment details. Payment can be made via banktransfer to our iban account.
Our vintage items are being sold within the margin scheme (for European customers), there is no VAT on the invoice. For customers outside of the EU it could be possible there are import taxes to be paid in your own country, they are at your own expense.

The shipment

We take great care of packing our items. Smaller items such as lamps are packed in to heavy cardboard boxes (used ones are not as solid as new ones), they are padded with bubblewrap and the empty spaces are filled up with paper so your item is secure and tight in the box so it can’t move around.
Larger items that need to be shipped will be transported by our selected shippers, they are wrapped well with bubblewrap and stretchfoil.
Larger items that need to be shipped outside of the EU will need a wooden crate, the costs for that are quoted in the shipping quote.

We’ve shipped to London, Paris, Barcelona, Boston, NYC, Berlin, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Korea, Japan and several other locations.

Return policy

We sure don’t hope so, but it could happen, you don’t like the item you have bought.
EU Consumer customers have the right to return an item within 14 days after delivery according to the EU Consumer Law. (If you’re buying as a business there are different return rules).