Poul Kjaerholm PK22 early production by E. Kold Christensen

Beautiful early PK22 easy chair designed by Poul Kjaerholm and produced by E. Kold Christensen Denmark. Poul Kjærholm is one of the best known designers from Denmark. While most of his colleagues used wood in their designs, Kjaerholm choose to work with metal combined with other natural materials.

The easy chair we have is in a good condition. The cane has been completely renewed by a professional caner (he is the only caner/craftsman in the Netherlands which is registered at Unesco). We like to have kept the original cane but it was broken in several places and the average live span of cane is approximately 30 years, then it needs to be replaced, or it will become very brittle and will brake.

The seat is nice and fresh and the patina will come when you put it to use. Cane is a natural product so there is a nice color pattern on the seat already because the lengths of cane differ slightly in color.

The frame is in a good condition, as for most of the early production pk22 chairs there is some oxidation on the chrome, on one leg a bit more then on the other (see photos).


74 cm high, 64 cm wide, 61 cm deep.
The seat height is 27 cm.

The price of this design classic is 2250 euro.

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