Vintage Danish rosewood coffee table base by Sven Ellekaer

Beautiful rosewood Danish coffee table base by Sven Ellekaer and produced by Christian Linneberg. This coffee table frame is in a very good and clean condition and has a nice airy design. The dark inlays in the legs make this a really outstanding piece of furniture.

It needs a new glass top, which would cost approximately 650 euro (it needs a 1.9 cm thick top to have it original, when you use a thinner top the price reduces dramatically). A new top can be ordered at your local glass supplier. If you are located in the Netherlands or in Belgium we can arrange a new top for you.a

For transport purposes it is easier to sell the base on its own and we have adjusted the price accordingly.

Dimensions: 100 cm in diameter, 46 cm high.

The price is 395 euro.